Studia śląskie 84 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 84

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  • Matthäus Wehowski, A compensation institution in a contested region? Poviat councils in Upper Silesia: September 1920–May 1921
  • Zbigniew Gołasz, Maksymilian Żyła – a contribution to the biography of a forgotten commander during the Third Silesian Uprising
  • Tobiasz Janikowski, The narratives of trauma in German language literature and journalistic publications of the Upper Silesia borderland in the years 1918–1922
  • Jerzy Gorzelik, A soldier, a hero, a knight of borderland – the transformation of the image of a “Silesian insurgent“ in the interwar monumental sculpture
  • Bernard Linek, The attitude of the minorities in Upper Silesia towards the memory of the Silesian Uprisings and the plebiscite (Part 3). The German vision of the 40th anniversary of the plebiscite
  • Ilona Copik, The last bastion of Silesianness? The revisions of works by Kazimierz Kutz (concerning the film “The Beads of One Rosary”)

Miscellanea and materials

  • Maik Schmerbauch, The Diocese of Wrocław and the end of World War I in 1918
  • Piotr Pałys, Cossack soldiers in the ranks of the Upper-Silesian Uhlan battalions
  • Przemysław Jagieła, The Union of Supporters of Upper Silesia in Praszka as a source of information about the situation in the poviats of Olesno and Kluczbork in the years 1920–1921
  • Zbigniew Bereszyński, The security apparatus of the Polish People’s Republic towards the Catholic Church on the example of Opole Silesia and the neighbouring territories of Lower Silesia in the years 1950–1956


  • Piotr Pałys [rev.], Jiří Friedl, Tomasz Jurek, Miloš Řeznik, Martin Wihoda, Dějiny Polska, Praha, Nakladatelství Lidové noviny 2017, p. 690
  • Kamil Frączkiewicz [rev.], Andreas Platthaus, 18/19 Der Krieg nach dem Krieg. Deutschland zwischen Revolution und Versailles, Berlin 2018
Autorzy / Authors

Copik Ilona, Jerzy Gorzelik, Kamil Frączkiewicz, Linek Bernard, Maik Schmerbauch, Matthäus Wehowski, Piotr Pałys, Przemysław Jagieła, Tobiasz Janikowski, Zbigniew Bereszyński, Zbigniew Gołasz

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Bernard Linek