Studia śląskie 85 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 85

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  • Krzysztof Gwóźdź, The activity of the Shooting Society in Opole (Schützengilde zu Oppeln) at the example of Union celebrations and anniversaries organised in the years 1885–1936
  • Bernard Linek, The beginning of a breakdown. The socio-political situation in Upper Silesia during the first months after the end of World War I (November 1918–August 1919)
  • Karl Heinrich Pohl, No peace with Poland? Concerning the Locarno policy of Germany in 1925
  • Tomasz Przerwa, The construction of the Reich’s motorway at Góra św. Anny (St. Annaberg) and the plans of the road network reconstruction in that area (1938–1942)

Miscellanea and materials

  • Mariusz Pucia, The Silesian borderland in the recordings by Paul Schmidt from the year 1913
  • Kamil Frączkiewicz, Workers’ delegation journeys of the Communist Party of Germany to the Soviet Union – an outline of the issue
  • Zbigniew Bereszyński, Under the mark of the dynamic development. The economic strategy of the PUWP (Polish United Workers’ Party) after December 1970 and its implementation on the example of Opole voivodeship. Part 3. From correction attempts (“economic manoeuvre”) to open crisis. The socio-economic situation in Opole voivodeship between June 1976 and August 1980
  • Karol Chwastek, The strike at the mine “Julian” on 13–17 December 1981


  • Zbigniew Bereszyński, Medieval and early modern defensive and residential complexes and their relics in Silesia. Remarks on the publication margin: Dominik Nowakowski, Silesian objects of the motte type. An archeological and historical study, Wrocław 2017, p. 609
  • Monika Choroś, Report of the conference “Multilingualism in the public space. Silesia and Lusatia against a national and European background”, Opole, 16th October 2019

In memoriam

  • Kazimierz Szczygielski (1946–2019) (Robert Rauziński, Brygida Solga)
Autorzy / Authors

Brygida Solga, Choroś Monika, Karl Heinrich Pohl, Karol Chwastek, Krzysztof Gwóźdź, Linek Bernard, Mariusz Pucia, Robert Rauziński, Tomasz Przerwa, Zbigniew Bereszyński

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Bernard Linek