Studia Śląskie tom 77 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 77

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I. Studies

  • Tomasz Browarek, The determinants of ethnic politics of the Polish state after 1989
  • Paweł Popieliński, The Act on National and Ethnic Minorities and the Regional Language as an instrument of the Polish state towards minorities living in Poland. A case study of the German minority – selected issues
  • Marek Mazurkiewicz, Regional conditions of Polish politics towards the national and ethnic minorities on the example of the Opole voivodeship
  • Bernard Linek, The ratio [correction: the approach] of minorities in Upper Silesia to the memory of the Silesian uprisings (Part 1)
  • Piotr Madajczyk, „The Upper Silesian Tragedy” as a tool for creating a Silesian nation

II. Miscellanea and materials

  • Mariusz Patelski, June `76 in the Opole voivodeship
  • Zbigniew Bereszyński, Departures for permanent residence to the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin in the 70s and 80s and the birth of the organized structures of the German minority in the Opole voivodeship
  • Agata Haas, Funeral hymns in the Doskonały kancyonał polski [the great Polish cantional] from 1673
  • Kamila Nowak, Silesian dialectal vocabulary on houses, outhouses and their equipment
  • Monika Choroś, The river Oder and its impact on toponymy
  • Robert Wieczorek, Social problems in Silesia in the light of regional development strategies
  • Aleksandra Bagińska, Robert Szmytkie, The management of the post-Soviet airport in Skarbimierz

III. In memoriam

  • Michał Lis, Profesor doktor habilitowany Janusz Sawczuk
Autorzy / Authors

Bagińska Aleksandra, Bereszyński Zbigniew, Browarek Tomasz, Haas Agata, Linek Bernard, Lis Michał, Madajczyk Piotr, Mazurkiewicz Marek, Monika Choroś, Nowak Kamila, Patelski Mariusz, Popieliński Paweł, Szmytkie Robert, Wieczorek Robert

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