Studia Śląskie tom 76 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 76

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  • Stanisław Senft, The figure of prof. dr hab. Michał Lis
  • Ewa Golec, The bibliography of works of prof. dr hab. Michał Lis for the years 2005–2015
  • Edward Długajczyk, Hans Georg Oppersdorff and the Lieutenant “Horst” from the Third Silesian Uprising
  • Marek Masnyk, Hitler, National Socialism and the Polish-German Relations after the Machtübernahme within the Discourse of the Second Republic. An Subjective Overview of the Opinions and Positions
  • Piotr Pałys, The Contacts of the Members of the Union of Poles in Germany with Sorbs
  • Romuald Gelles, On the “Secret Front”. About the Polish Military Intelligence in the Pre-war Wrocław
  • Stanisława Sochacka, The Polish-German Naming Relations in Silesia in the First Half of the 20th Century
  • Rudolf Žáček, Humour and Wit as a “Wonderful” Weapon of the Second World War
  • Andrzej Hanich, The Atmosphere among the Population of the Opole Silesia in the early 1944 in the Light of the Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführers
    SS Reports
  • Danuta Kisielewicz, Silesians in the German and the Soviet Captivity during the Second World War
  • Piotr Stanek, The Civilian Population from Warsaw in the Lamsdorf Camp in 1944
  • Bogdan Cimała, The Demographic Consequences of the Second World War in the Region of Upper Silesia
  • Bronisław Pasierb, Anyone can Dream…
  • Aleksandra Trzcielińska-Polus, The Displaced People and the Settlers in the Opole Silesia as a Consequence of the Second World War
  • Katarzyna Maler, The Catholic Church in the Land of Głubczyce during the Front Fights and after the Invasion of the Red Army in March and April 1945
  • Wanda Musialik, The Position of Nuns in the Post-war Communities in Opole Silesia in the Years 1945–1948
  • Dušan Janák, The Military Penal Law and the Military Courts in Poland and Czechoslovakia in the years 1943–1953. Selected problems
  • Edmund Nowak, Biskupice – a Silesian Village after the Second World War (Memories of the 40s and 50s)
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Cimała Bogdan, Długajczyk Edward, Golec Ewa, Hanich Andrzej, Janák Dušan, Kisielewicz Danuta, Maler Katarzyna, Masnyk Marek, Musialik Wanda, Nowak Edmund, Pasierb Bronisław, Pałys Piotr, Romuald Gelles, Senft Stanisław, Sochacka Stanisława, Stanek Piotr, Trzcielińska-Polus Aleksandra, Žáček Rudolf

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