Studia Śląskie tom 35 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 35


I. Articles

  • Edmund Klein, German separatist projects for Silesia during the time of the Versailles conference
  • Eugeniusz Kobzdaj, Polish agricultural associations in Upper Silesia during the inter-war period
  • Karol Fiedor, The role of German student organizations in the system of anti-Polish propaganda in the years 1933— 1939
  • Karol Jonca, The attitude of the Evangelical Church in Silesia to the racist policies of the NSDAP
  • Alfred Konieczny, The resistance movement in Upper Silesia in the light of headquarters documents from the ZWZ (Union of Armed Resistance) and the AK (Home Army)
  • Stefan Jakubowski, Wiktor Skrzypek, SThe veterinary services in Silesia-Opole in the years 1945—1975

II.II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Róża Okos, Investigation methods developed by the Silesian dialectologist Michał Przywara
  • Jolanta Kwiatek, Language relations in the state schools of Upper Silesia in the school years 1902/1903 — 1907/1908
  • Franciszek Biały, Wrocław in the first year of Nazi government
  • Aleksander Kwiatek, Letters from Wojciech Korfanty to the editor Stanisław Sopicki (13 Nov. 1938 — 16 Feb. 1939)
  • Roman Zgłobicki, Evacuation of prisoners of war from Stalag  VIII A in Görlitz-Moys in 1945
  • Damian Tomczyk, The battle for the Odra bridge-head in the vicinity of Sławice (23rd — 28th Jan. 1945)
  • Czesława Mykita-Glensk, Memoir material published in “Opole Quarterly” and “Silesian Studies”
Autorzy / Authors

Biały Franciszek, Fiedor Karol, Jakubowski Stefan, Jonca Karol, Klein Edmund, Kobzdaj Eugeniusz, Konieczny Alfred, Kwiatek Aleksander, Kwiatek Jolanta, Mykita-Glensk Czesława, Okos Róża, Roman Zgłobicki, Skrzypek Wiktor, Tomczyk Damian

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Rok wydania / Year of issue

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Karol Jonca

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