Studia Śląskie tom 4 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 4


  • Kazimierz Orzechowski, The struggle for the land in Opole district of Silesia during the time of Hitler government. Excerpts from studies on the minority policy of the Third Reich
  • Edmund Klein, The situation of Poles in the communal elections in Opole district of Silesia during the years 1924—1933
  • Alfred Konieczny, Polish life in the village of Cisek, in the district of Koźle, during the inter-war period
  • Seweryn Wysłouch, The recruiting action of secondary school [graduates] from Opole county for the university and other higher education colleges in the years 1957/58 and 1958/59
Autorzy / Authors

Klein Edmund, Konieczny Alfred, Orzechowski Kazimierz, Wysłouch Seweryn

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Seweryn Wysłouch

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