Studia Śląskie tom 5 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 5


  • Edmund Klein, The county council elections in Upper Silesia on the 9th November 1919 and the Polish question
  • Karol Jonca, The destruction of the city of Wrocław in 1945, in the light of hitherto unpublished documents
  • Alfred Konieczny, The resistance movement during the siege of Wrocław in 1945
  • Stefania Mazurek, The College for Adults in Opole in the years 1947—1950 [The experience in didactic and educational work]
  • Norbert Słopecki, Some problems of the development of retail trade in [Strzelce Opolskie] district
  • Kazimierz Żygulski, The social prestige status of various occupations in Opole district
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Jonca Karol, Klein Edmund, Konieczny Alfred, Mazurek Stefania, Słopecki Norbert, Żygulski Kazimierz

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