Studia śląskie 82 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 82

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Zbigniew Bereszyński, The security apparatus of the Polish People’s Republic towards the Catholic Church on the example of Opole Silesia and the neighbouring territories of Lower Silesia in the years 1945–1950
Adam Dziurok, The clergy of the diocese of Katowice in face of the political actions taken by the communist authorities in the 1950s
Adriana Dawid, The apogee and the end of the Stalinist celebrations of Labour Day in Opole voivodeship (part 3)
Jiří Friedl, The acts of escape of Polish people via Czechoslovakia to the West in the years 1945–1948
Krzysztof Tarka, The authorities of the Republic of Poland in exile in face of the situation in Poland in the years 1947–1949
Marek Mazurkiewicz, The genesis of movement of the homeland associations in West Germany (1947–1949) and the sources of West German revisionism

Miscellanea and materials

Mariusz Patelski, The control over the press and libraries exerted by the officials of the Ministry of Information and Propaganda on the example of the Poviat Bureau of Information and Propaganda in Opole
Ksawery Jasiak, The amnesty in Opole Silesia in the year 1947 as one of the methods of exposure and liquidation of the independence underground
Monika Choroś, The changes in naming in the years 1945–1950 on the example of the place names in Nysa Land
Anna Wzorek, Fire Bath – a forgotten „Silesian” novel by Wojciech Żukrowski


Piotr Pałys, The Silesian Institute in the Programme for the Western and Northern Territories in the year 2017
Zbigniew Bereszyński [rev.]: Anna Pobóg-Lenartowicz, From opole to Opole. The popular history of the city, Opole 2017
Grzegorz Strauchold [rev.]: On the captivity 70 years after the war. Studies and materials, ed. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, Opole 2017
Piotr Pałys [rev.]: Petr Kaleta, Lusatian Sorbs in the Parliament. The outline of the political life in Lusatia under the GDR, Prague 2017

In memoriam

Jan Goczoł (1934–2018) (Michał Lis)
Dr hab. Stanisław Malarski (1931–2018) (Krystian Heffner)

Autorzy / Authors

Bereszyński Zbigniew, Choroś Monika, Dawid Adriana, Dziurok Adam, Friedl Jiří, Haas Agata, Heffner Krystian, Jasiak Ksawery, Lis Michał, Mazurkiewicz Marek, Patelski Mariusz, Pałys Piotr, Strauchold Grzegorz, Tarka Krzysztof, Wzorek Anna

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Bernard Linek

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