Silesian Studies vol. 88-89

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  • [The Right Honorable Professor…] (Brygida Solga, Brygida Klemens, Bartosz Jan Kuświk)
  • Professor Krystian Heffner – the geographer, the economist, the distinguished expert in regions (Brygida Solga, Brygida Klemens)
  • Brygida Solga, Brygida Klemens, Professor Krystian Heffner – bibliography


  • Andrzej Klasik, The Future of Cities and Urban Regions in the Light of Interdisciplinary Research
  • Wioletta Kamińska, Revitalization and Functional Diversification of Public Space in Small Towns. The Example of the Market Square in Chęciny, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • Andrzej Rączaszek, The Growth of the Manmade Production and Services Value in the Countries Undergoing Transformation and Belonging to the European Union
  • Stanisław M. Koziarski, Changes in the System of Transportation Networks of Silesia’s Administrative Regions
  • Piotr Gibas, Adam Polko, Małgorzata Twardzik, Urban Estate Markets – Contemporary Challenges and Trends
  • Beata Dubiel, Arkadiusz Halama, Agnieszka Majorek, The Pandemic Impact on Shaping Urban Space
  • Marek Kłodziński, Multifunctional Development as an Ageless Strategy for the Rural Areas in Poland
  • Andrzej Rosner, Monika Stanny, The Measurement Issue of Spatial Diversification in the Level of Socio-Economic Development of Rural Areas in Poland
  • Adam Czarnecki, Second Homes in the Economy of the Region
  • Marek Okólski, Migration Passage in Poland
  • Robert Rauziński, Evaluation of Connections between Populace Health Condition and Demographic Changes in Opolian Silesia (regional and local aspects)
  • Agata Zagórowska, Regional and Local Dimension of Demographic Aging of Silesia and the Concept of Active Aging in the Regional Senior Policy. Selected Aspects
  • Sabina Kubiciel-Lodzińska, Diana Rokita-Poskart, Students form Ukraine as a Chance for the Region Suffering from Depopulation. Plans Regarding Inhabitancy after the End of the Education Process
  • Stanisław Korenik, Uncertainty, Innovation and the Region at the Beginning of the Third Decade of the 21st Century
  • Teresa Sołdra-Gwiżdż, Methodologic Aspects of the Research on Silesian Region in the Interwar Period from the Sociologic Perspective
  • Edyta Szafranek, Region as a Subject of the Contemporary Policy of Regional Development
  • Marzena Szewczuk-Stępień, Łukasz Dymek, Does Thinking about the Region’s Future Make Sense?


  • Marek Sobczyński, Opole Silesia in the Research of the Łódź Geographic Centre
  • Bartosz Jan Kuświk, The Turawa Central Training Action in 1946. A Study of the Post-war History of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association in the Communist State
  • Michał Lis, The Silesian Uprisings’ Encyclopaedia: Its Updating as Silesian Institute’s Urgent Task
  • Brygida Klemens, Brygida Solga, The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on the State’s and Regions’ Socio-Economic Situation
Autorzy / Authors

Adam Czarnecki, Adam Polko, Agata Zagórowska, Andrzej Klasik, Andrzej Rączaszek, Andrzej Rosner, Arkadiusz Halama, Bartosz Kuświk, Beata Dubiel, Brygida Solga, Edyta Szafranek, Klemens Brygida, Koziarski Stanisław, Kubiciel-Lodzińska Sabina, Lis Michał, Marek Kłodziński, Marek Okólski, Marek Sobczyński, Marzena Szewczuk-Stępień, Małgorzata Twardzik, Monika Stanny, Piotr Gibas, Rauziński Robert, Rokita-Poskart Diana, Sołdra-Gwiżdż Teresa, Stanisław Korenik, Wioletta Kamińska, Łukasz Dymek

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Brygida Klemens, Brygida Solga