Silesian Studies vol. 86-87

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  • Andrzej Drogoń, Legal aspects of the self-governed (autonomous) Silesian Voivodeship financing. The issue of the application of Article 5 of the Organic Statute
  • Agata Haas, Peculiar prayers of Doskonały kancyonał polski (The Perfect Polish Cantional) from 1673
  • Michał Kłakus, French diplomats look at the religious situation in Silesia (1947–1956)
  • Krzysztof Dawid Majus, The ancestors of Jonatan Bloch – the first Jew in Wielowieś
  • Stanisława Sochacka, Wrocław as a proto- and old-Polish name with an archaic structure
  • Brygida Solga, Status and perspectives of lifelong education in Opole Voivodeship. Recommendations for actions
  • Stanislav Svoboda, Cemeteries in the poviats of Oleśnica and Nymburk. Comparison of model locations in the modern period
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Agata Haas, Andrzej Drogoń, Bartosz Kuświk, Brygida Solga, Krzysztof Dawid Majus, Michał Kłakus, Sochacka Stanisława, Stanislav Svoboda

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Bartosz Kuświk