Studia śląskie 81 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 81

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  • Marcin A. Klemenski, The foundations of the Augustinian Hermit monasteries in Silesia in the Middle Ages
  • Marcin Musiał, Chronica de origine et constitutione Provinciae Bohemiae by Friar Bernard Sannig (1678) as a means of shaping the contemporary identity of the Czech reformers
  • Jerzy Gorzelik, A wooden church in Upper Silesia as a place of remembrance (until 1945)
  • Sebastian Rosenbaum, “The procession of German Catholics”. General meetings of the Association of German Catholics in Poland (Verband Deutscher Katholiken in Polen) in Silesian voivodeship 1925–1938

* * *

  • Adriana Dawid, The apogee and the end of the Stalinist celebrations of Labour Day in Opole voivodeship (part 2)
  • Zbigniew Bereszyński, Under the mark of the dynamic development. The economic strategy of the PUWP (Polish United Workers’ Party) after December 1970 and its implementation on the example of Opole voivodeship. The collapse of the strategy in Opole voivodeship in June 1976

Miscellanea and materials

  • Agata Haas, The Facetious Deputy Mac Lac… (Poseł Krotochwilny Mac Lac…) as a 17th-c. the Silesian dialect of Polish
  • Tomasz Gacek, Prince of Persia in Silesia in 1923? The results of the preliminary research
  • Edmund Pjech, The church life of the evangelical Sorbs under the Evangelical Consistory of Wrocław in the times of the Weimar Republic
  • Bartłomiej Stawiarski, The founding act of the evangelical church in Starościn from 17th May 1928
  • Kinga Woźniakowska, The tuberculosis sanatorium of the Health Care Organisation of the Jewish Population in Poland in Sokołowsko in the years 1946–1950


  • Lidia Przymuszała, Dorota Świtała-Trybek, The emerging lexicon of the culinary heritage of Silesia
  • Justyna Rokitowska, Report of the XXII Silesia Seminar: “Our folks? Multiculturalism in contemporary Europe”

In memoriam

  • Prof. dr hab. Jan Rajman (1935–2017) (Michał Lis, Robert Rauziński)
  • Prof. dr hab. Mečislav Borák (1945–2017) (Piotr Pałys)
  • Roman Wawrzynek (1938–2017) (Leokadia Drożdż)
Autorzy / Authors

Adriana Dawid, Agata Haas, Bartłomiej Stawiarski, Dorota Świtała-Trybek, Edmund Pjech, Jerzy Gorzelik, Justyna Rokitowska, Kinga Woźniakowska, Leokadia Drożdż, Lidia Przymuszała, Marcin Klemenski, Marcin Musiał, Michał Lis, Piotr Pałys, Robert Rauziński, Sebastian Rosenbaum, Tomasz Gacek, Zbigniew Bereszyński

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