Studia Śląskie tom 69 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 69

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Opole Silesia in the period of transformation after 1989
  • Andrzej Hanich, The contribution of the Catholic Church to the process of democratization of the life in Opole Silesia after 1989
  • Michal Lis, The social basis and the circumstances of the German minority revealing itself in Opole Silesia in 1989
  • Stanisław Senft, Foreign investments in Opole Silesia 1989–2009
  • Wanda Musialik, In search of a new image of the Province. The past – a revivifying or cursed land?
  • Ewa Dawidejt-Jastrzębska, The new elements in the cultural landscape of Nysa after 1989. The monuments and commemorative tablets
  • Wiesław Drobek, The morphological structure of small towns in Opole Silesia in the time of the sociopolitical system transformation (Ujazd and Korfantów)
  • Zdeněk Jirásek, Opava Silesia in the period of transformation after 1989
  • Leokadia Drożdż, The Polish in the Czech Silesia after 1989
  • Józef Szymeczek, The Silesian Evangelican-Augsburg Church after 1989
  • Roman Kaszper, “Głos Ludu” (The People’s Voice) at the beginning of the sociopolitical system transformation in Czechoslovakia (1989–1990)
  • Aleksandra Trzcielińska-Polus, Silesia as an object of queries and questions put down by German deputies of the 12th term of the Bundestag
  • Maria Kalczyńska, The Diaspora of Euro-Silesians in Germany a case study of the biography of Leon Jończyk – an artist and social activist of München
  • Stanisława Sochacka, The Silesian problem area in the activity of the Commission for Place Names and Physiographic Objects (with particular inclusion of the years 1989–2009)
  • Monika Choroś, Łucja Jarczak, The introducing of bilingual place names in Opole Silesia after 1989
Study and Miscellanea
  • Marek P. Czapliński, The epidemic of typhus in Bytom in the years 1897–1898 and the prevention of it. The question of people’s access to clean drinkable
  • and usable water
  • Dariusz Chrobak, The phenomenon of a language island. The history of the former german language islands in Upper Silesia and in Galicia
  • Anna Bereś, Dušan Janák, Reflexions of Classics on the Czech and the Polish societies of the 1930s (on the basis of an analysis of the content of “Przegląd Socjologiczny” and “Sociologická revue”)
  • Piotr Retecki, The process of populating the County of Wałbrzych with Polish nationals from France and Germany in the years 1945–1948
  • Franciszek Jonderko, The Silesian family. The cultural and social features. (Theses and aspects of studies)
  • Marzena Muszyńska, Terms referring to children in the dialects of Silesia. An analysis of lexical transformations – results of a survey
  • Donat Przybylski, “The Community of Joy”, i.e. about the Radio-run concert of compliments – one of the phenomena in the local culture of Opole Silesia
They have departed
  • Karol Fiedor (1927–2010)
  • Zbyszko Bednorz (1913–2010)
Autorzy / Authors

Bereś Anna, Chrobak Dariusz, Czapliński Marek, Dawidejt-Jastrzębska Ewa, Drobek Wiesław, Drożdż Leokadia, Hanich Andrzej, Janák Dušan, Jarczak Łucja, Jirásek Zdeněk, Jonderko Franciszek, Kalczyńska Maria, Lis Michał, Monika Choroś, Musialik Wanda, Muszyńska Marzena, Przybylski Donat, Retecki Piotr, Roman Kaszper, Senft Stanisław, Sochacka Stanisława, Szymeczek Józef, Trzcielińska-Polus Aleksandra

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