Studia Śląskie tom 67 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 67

  • Professor Stanisława Sochacka (Monika Choroś, Łucja Jarczak)
  • Łucja Jarczak, A bibliography of works written by Professor Stanisława Sochacka in the years 1965-2006
  • Zofia Abramowicz, The urban names system of the city of Ełk and the culture tradition
  • Edward Breza, Certain rarer masculine names
  • Monika Choroś, On place names containing the element of Śląski (Silesian)
  • Aleksandra Cieślikowa, The family names of wives and daughters in “Antroponimia Polski od XVI do końca XVIII wieku” (The Anthroponymia of Poland From the 16th To the End of the 18th Century) (selected examples)
  • Jolanta Drwięga, Contemporary names of roads in the County of Opole
  • Ernst Eichler, The Polish place names in the eastern part of former Lower Lusatia
  • Stanislaw Gajda, The regional Silesian education related to the culture and the language
  • Małgorzata Iżykowska, The persuasive element in the parochial announcements of the turn of the 19th and the 20th century
  • Ewa Jakus-Borkowa, The Polish place names with the formative -ło
  • Anna Jedynak, The vocabulary of the mass culture in the language of six-year-old children – proper names
  • Danuta Kopertowska, The language-versification assets of Polish carols
  • Danuta Lech-Kirstein, The dialectal character of surnames in Opole Region
  • Michał Lis, The place names system and documentation of manifestations of Polishness in Opole Silesia in “Leksykon Polactwa w Niemczech (The Lexicon of Poles in Germany)
  • Krzysztof Lisiecki, Disappearance of certain country-dialect words in Kalety (the County of Tarnowskie Góry)
  • Marzena Muszyńska, Genitival rection of verbs in the 19th-century Silesian and Masurian folk songs
  • Krystyna Nowik, ‘Stanisława’ and ‘Stanisław’ in the Polish system of names
  • Feliks Pluta, The Silesian rural dialect in the literary output of Jakub Kania
  • Violetta Przybylska, The religious names of the Order of St Elizabeth Sisters of Nysa Province in the 19th century
  • Lidia Przymuszała, Manners of turning to the addressee in Silesian rural dialects
  • Ewa Rzetelska-Feleszko, The old Pomeranian words in the place names of Western Pomerania: ‘glina’, ‘glinka’ (clay)
  • Janusz Siatkowski, The slavic names of ‘skroń’ (a temple) in the light of materials related to country dialect and historical sources
  • Rudolf Šrámek, ‘Kastowsky’ -> ‘Karstein’ -> Kaštovský. The vicissitudes of names in Hlučinsky County in Opava Silesia
  • Bogusław Wyderka, Dialectical Silesian names for ‘a person given to crying’
Autorzy / Authors

Abramowicz Zofia, Breza Edward, Cieślikowa Aleksandra, Drwięga Jolanta, Eichler Ernst, Gajda Stanisław, Iżykowska Małgorzata, Jakus-Borkowa Ewa, Jarczak Łucja, Jedynak Anna, Kopertowska Danuta, Lech-Kirstein Danuta, Lis Michał, Lisiecki Krzysztof, Monika Choroś, Muszyńska Marzena, Nowik Krystyna, Pluta Feliks, Przymuszała Lidia, Rzetelska-Feleszko Ewa, Siatkowski Janusz, Šrámek Rudolf, Violetta Przybylska, Wyderka Bogusław

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