Studia Śląskie tom 66 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 66



  • Mariusz Pawelec, The reception of Samuel Dambrowski’s sermons in Silesia (between the 17th and the 20th century)
  • Joanna Banik, Renata Kobylarz, “… they trampled the dignity of the German nation”. Rassenschande in Opole Regency (1939-1945)
  • Tomasz Panek, Rationalization of the process of legitimization of the authority. The myth of the Regained Lands in political statements issued by the Polish communist Left in the USSR and in Poland in the years of the Second World War
  • Joanna Hytrek-Hryciuk, “The arrival of the Russians disrupted the religious life of our community in an abrupt manner”. The Evangelical Church in Lower Silesia towards the Red Army and the Polish administration in the years 1945-1947. An outline of the problem area
  • Adam Dziuba, “The Committee of the United Polish Workers’ Party will fix you a job”. The reduction of the personnel of the security service in Stalinogrodzkie Province in 1955
  • Jarosław Neja, “All the changes will be executed in an organized way” – a few remarks on the redundancy in the security apparatus in 1956 (a case study of Katowickie Province)
  • Rafał Riedel, The problem of identity in the conditions of post-national societies. The trans-cultural character of Silesia in the time of the European integration
  • Miscellanea and Materials
  • Marek P. Czapliński, The epidemic of cholera in Opole County in 1831 (in the light of relations of a county physicist Dr Joseph Zedler)
  • Wojciech Szwed, The history of the railway line Kłodzko-Wałbrzych until 1913
  • Dariusz Janiszewski, The role of the Polish-German border in the lives of inhabitants of Lubliniec County in the 1930s
  • Mirosław Leśniewski, The military airfield in Polska Nowa Wieś (1936-1945)
  • Zbigniew Bereszyński, The stormy history of the Opole monument of St. Catherine
  • Joanna Krajewska-Majcher, The Union of German Students in Poland based in Opole
  • Małgorzata Wojtkowiak-Jakacka, Certain demographic problems of Wałbrzych in the light of the national censuses of 1988 and 2002
  • Elżbieta Nieroba, On the neo-industrial wave – new areas of making use of the industrial heritage of Upper Silesia
  • Gabriela Pardubicka, “The world in which one can say ’I love you’” – Pszów in the thought of the Reverend Jerzy Szymik
Autorzy / Authors

Banik Joanna, Bereszyński Zbigniew, Czapliński Marek, Dziuba Adam, Hytrek-Hryciuk Joanna, Janiszewski Dariusz, Kobylarz Renata, Krajewska-Majcher Joanna, Leśniewski Mirosław, Neja Jarosław, Nieroba Elżbieta, Panek Tomasz, Pardubicka Gabriela, Pawelec Mariusz, Riedel Rafał, Szwed Wojciech, Wojtkowiak-Jakacka Małgorzata

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Stanisław Senft

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