Studia Śląskie tom 63 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 63


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  • Professor Wiesław Tomasz Lesiuk (11 Dec. 1943 – 1 Nov. 2003)
  • Bibliography of Publication of Professor Wiesław Lesiuk in the years 2001-2004 (Izabela Kuc)
  • Władysław Kwaśniewicz (1926-2004)


  • Petra Kunčíková, The German political parties in Austrian Silesia
  • Henryk Duda, Taking over the estates located in Opole Silesia from the Red Army in 1945 – Contribution for question
  • Stanisław Senft, The local industry of Opole Silesia until 1956
  • Robert Skobelski, The impact of the Polish October 1956 on the situation of the Polish national minority in Zaolzie in the years 1957-1959 (in the light of Polish materials)
  • Edmund Nowak, The investigations and lawsuits connected with the crimes committed in the labor camp Łambinowice in the years  1945-1946 (part 2)

Miscellanea and materials

  • Irena Korbelářová, Some remarks on the development of state offices of lower rank in Upper Silesia
  • Barbara Techmańska, “The Iron Prince” – Henry V, the ruler of Głogów-Żagań Duchy
  • Małgorzata Szembor-Labiszak, The first names of protestants of Gliwice town in the 19th century
  • Piotr Pałys, The Racibórz Incident of June 1945 (the genesis, the course, direct consequences)
  • Aleksander Drozdowski, Operation “K” in Katowice province
  • Piotr Madajczyk, The academic community of Opole against the background of the situation in the region in 1968 (in the light of the reports by the local security officers)
  • Gerard Kosmala, The monuments of war in the cultural landscape of Opole province – differentiations and conflicts (problem overview)
  • Ewa Skrabacz, Safety of citizens as an objective behind the activity of Opole-based NGOs in the period of transformation
Autorzy / Authors

Drozdowski Aleksander, Duda Henryk, Korbelářova Irena, Kosmala Gerard, Kuc Izabela, Madajczyk Piotr, Nowak Edmund, Pałys Piotr, Petra Kunčíková, Senft Stanisław, Skobelski Robert, Skrabacz Ewa, Szembor-Labiszak Małgorzata, Techmańska Barbara

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Rok wydania / Year of issue

Streszczenia / Summaries

Streszczenie, Summary, Zusammenfassung, Spis treści, Contents, Inhaltsverzeichnis

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Stanisław Senft

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