Studia Śląskie tom 62 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 62

Librarians and libraries in Silesia

  • Ewa Krystyna Wyglenda, M.A. (14 Sept. 1939 – 12 Dec. 2001), Michał Lis
  • Izabela Kuc, Ewa Wyglenda – Bibliography of publications
  • Zdzisław Gębołyś, “Schaffen und Schauen” -the German library periodical in Poland
  • Wanda Matwiejczuk, The libraries of Opole after 1945
  • Kazimiera Maleczyńska, From the history of librarian’s profession in Upper Silesia in the last half-century
  • Jan Kopiec, Historical materials concerning the history of Church in Opole Silesia in archival collections and libraries
  • Wolfgang Kessler, The Silesian collections of books in German libraries

Regional history of the Polish borderland – does it connect or divide?

  • Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg, Regional history in the Polish-Germna dialogue – limits, threats and chances for the two-nation approach
  • Matthias Weber, The main conceptions and the scale of valuation of historical studies on Silesia in Germany and Poland
  • Marek Czapliński, Regional history of the Polish-German borderland – does it connect or divide?
  • Eduard Mühle, Political use of the Past and Polish “Western thought” in Województwo Śląsk (1922-1939)
  • Grzegorz Strauchold, “Regained” terra incognita. About attempts at approaching the Western Territories to the Poles in the years 1939-1950

Studies and Contributions

  • Maciej Borkowski, The state of investigations on the history of the Jews in Opole
  • Pia Nordblom, The minority within the minority – Eduard Pant and his circle
  • Renata Sołtysek, Church building in Opole Silesia in the light of resolutions of the Curia and decisions of the Opole Government Authorities at the time of the Bishop Franciszek Jop (1956-1976)
  • Piotr Pałys, The problem of Serbo-Lusatians residing in Lower Silesia in 1945-1948
  • Leokadia Drożdż, Polish schools in the region lying behind the Olza river (Zaolzie) 1945-1989
Autorzy / Authors

Bömelburg Hans-Jürgen, Borkowski Maciej, Czapliński Marek, Drożdż Leokadia, Kessler Wolfgang, Kopiec Jan, Kuc Izabela, Lis Michał, Maleczyńska Kazimiera, Matthias Weber, Matwiejczuk Wanda, Mühle Eduard, Pałys Piotr, Pia Nordblom, Sołtysek Renata, Strauchold Grzegorz, Zdzisław Gębołyś

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Rok wydania / Year of issue

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Stanisław Senft

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