Studia Śląskie tom 56 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 56



  • Wanda Musialik, The “Sanacja” regime in Silesia towards bilateral relations between Poland and Germany
  • Mirosław Cygański, Lusatia in the policy of Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia in the years 1946-1948
  • Bogdan Cimała, Stalinization of Poland and its effects in Opole Silesia
  • Jan Rajman, Evaluation of the urbanization level of the Opole province (voivodeship) in the light of selected rates
  • Walter Sperling, Geographic names as a political instrument on the example of Silesia

Miscellanea and Materials

  • Maciej Borkowski, The outstanding Jews of Opole in the years 1812-1938. Attempt at revealing the elite of Jewish community in Opole
  • Stanisław Czaja, Origin and development of the town of Świebodzice from the earliest time up to the present day. Introduction into the investigations on the history of the town
  • Krystyna Kossakowska-Jarosz, Illustrations in the Silesian popular literature
  • Janusz Adam Kujat, Supplementary money of the fixed value in Silesia in 1923
  • Tomasz Falęcki, German politicians and the public opinion towards Wojciech Korfanty (1922-1926)
  • Piotr Madajczyk, The memorial of bishop Stanisław Adamski of 8th January 1947 concerning the displacement of certain Polish citizens to Germany
  • Krzysztof Zuba, The Citizens’ Movement of Opole Silesia (September 1980 – October 1991). Objectives, organization, forms of activity
  • Zofia Hasińska, The socioeconomic and demographic reasons for unemployment in the Polish-Czech border zone in the area of Jelenia Góra and Wałbrzych voivodeships
  • Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka, The Lower-Silesian health resorts – chances for rehabilitation and problems of development
  • Stanisław Gawlik, Teodor Musioł, the Silesian humanist of the 20th century
  • Teresa Sołdra-Gwiżdż, Return migrations to Silesia region from the sociological point of view. Considerations on the ground of empirical research
  • Gabriela Sokolová, The interethnic relations in the regions mixed in respect of nationality in the Czech Republic – on the Example of Cieszyn Silesia. (Information on the grant task of Silesian Institute SZM in Opava)
Autorzy / Authors

Borkowski Maciej, Cimała Bogdan, Cygański Mirosław, Czaja Stanisław, Falęcki Tomasz, Gawlik Stanisław, Hasińska Zofia, Kossakowska-Jarosz Krystyna, Kujat Janusz Adam, Madajczyk Piotr, Musialik Wanda, Pawlikowska-Piechotka Anna, Rajman Jan, Sokolová Gabriela, Sołdra-Gwiżdż Teresa, Sperling Walter, Zuba Krzysztof

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Wiesław Lesiuk

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