Studia Śląskie tom 48 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 48



  • Czesława Mykita-Glensk, Amateur theatre of the Polish gymnastic societies “Sokół” in Silesia during the years of national bondage
  • Zbigniew Grabowski, Beginnings of the post-war press in Opole Silesia (“Głos Prądnika” and “Nasz Głos” in the years 1945-1947)
  • Jan Kalemba, Mining, steel and metal production in Duchy of Racibórz in the 19th century
  • Bogdan Cybulski, The origin of the Polish jurisdiction in Upper Silesia (1920-1922)

Miscellanea and Materials

  • Eugeniusz Garbacik, Settlement and parcelling co-operatives and their role in managing the Regained Territories
  • Jan Sandorski, Bohdan Winiarski’s views on the problem of Zaolzie
  • Ewangelina Twardowska, Aleksander Woźny, Several remarks on Gen. Władysław Sikorski’s memorandum to the U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull from July 19th, 1941 denoting the economic situation of Polish lands under the German occupation
  • Jerzy Rajman, From the research on Upper-Silesian townspeople in Mediaeval Cracow
  • Krystyna Hanusik, Stanisława Sokołowska, Participation of farmers in village self-government (based on research done in individual farms)
  • Danuta Berlińska, Andrzej Pasierbiński, Contest for diaries of three generations of inhabitants of the Western and Northern Territories as a part of Polish diarist’s tradition

Surveys of Research and Reviews

  • Jan Rajman (rev.), “Problems of spatial development of local centres <on the example of Korfantow in Opole district>”, ed. Krystian Heffner
  • Krystyna Kossakowska-Jarosz (rev.), Władysław Chojnacki, Wojciech Chojnacki, “Bibliography of calendars published in Polish outside Poland from 1716 (Mazury, Upper, Lower and Cieszyn Silesia)”
  • Stanisław Senft (rev.), Zbyszko Bednorz, “The years in hiding and open activity”
  • Andrzej Pasierbiński (rev.), “Upper-Silesian sociological studies” vol. 19, ed. Wanda Mrozek

Scientific Chronicle of the Silesian Institute in Opole. New edition of Stanisław Wasylewski’s work “In Opole Silesia”

  • Krystyna Kossakowska-Jarosz, Grand promotion of reedition of Stanisław Wasylewski’s “In Opole Silesia”
  • Wilhelm Szewczyk, Some thoughts on Stanisław Wasylewski and his creation
  • Jerzy Pośpiech, The state and needs for the research on Stanisław Wasylewski’s biography and creation (1885-1953)
Autorzy / Authors

Berlińska Danuta, Cybulski Bogdan, Garbacik Eugeniusz, Grabowski Zbigniew, Hanusik Krystyna, Kalemba Jan, Kossakowska-Jarosz Krystyna, Mykita-Glensk Czesława, Pasierbiński Andrzej, Pośpiech Jerzy, Rajman Jan, Rajman Jerzy, Sandorski Jan, Senft Stanisław, Sokołowska Stanisława, Szewczyk Wilhelm, Twardowska Ewangelina, Woźny Aleksander

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Janusz Kroszel

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