Studia Śląskie tom 46 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 46


I. Articles

  • Otylia Słomczyńska, From the investigations on religious songs in Silesian psalm-books
  • Jan Walczak, Ideological life of Silesian organizations of the Polish Socialist Party and Deutsche Sozialistische Arbeitspartei Polens in the twenties of the 20th century
  • Czesława Mykita-Glensk, The German theatrical life from the latter part of the 19th century till the year 1944
  • Stanisław Gawlik, Academization of teachers’ training in Poland (an outline of the problems)
  • Mirosław Cygański, Co-operation between Poland and the GDR in navigation on the Odra and in the Sea Economy
  • Jerzy Bielski, The Polish point of view on strategy and tactics of the West-German territorial revisionism
  • Jan Rajman, The urbanization standard of Opole voivodeship in the light of the global rate
  • Alojzy Melich, The diagnosis of state and the directions of solutions of payment problems in an establishment
  • Stanisław Kalina, The Odra transit standard

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Bogusław Wyderka, The two relicts of Silesian Polish language of office character from the middle of the 17th century
  • Józef Drozd, The archival materials concerning the history of Wrocław University from the years 1911-1946 found in the university archives in Wrocław
  • Jan Łączewski, The problem of German damages for the Third Reich crimes for Polish refugees in Western countries in the light of documents from the archives of Mieczysław Chmielewski
  • Kazimierz Szczygielski, The environment of the Opole town and the morbidity of children
  • Maria Śmiełowska, Selected problems from investigations on the value of work and on professional aspirations
  • Andrzej Pasierbiński, Educational dimension of social promotion of workpeople. A study of original and regional differentiations in Opole Silesia
  • Wiktor Skrzypek, The progress of veterinary medicine in the Upper Silesia in the 20th century
  • Józef Buziński, The development of Opole scientific circles. Some reflections by the former president of Presidium of the People’s Province Council in Opole

III. Index of Investigations and Reviews

  • Alina Kowalska (rev.), Henryk Borek, Stanisław Mazak: “Polish remembrances of the Dzierżon family”
  • Marek Koza (rev.), “Slesian portraits”
  • Anna Lewicka-Strzałecka (rev.), Urszula Łangowska, “The systematic analysis of science of organization and management in Poland in the years 1963-1976”
  • Andrzej Pasierbiński (rev.), Erich Fromm, “The working class in Weimar Germany. A psychological sociological study”

IV. Chronicle of scientific life at the Silesian Institute in Opole

  • Wanda Więcek, A report on Colloquium Opole’85 (14—15 Nov. 1985)
  • Krystyna Kossakowska-Jarosz, A conference “The folk culture is the heart of Silesia” (on 5th-7th December 1985)
Autorzy / Authors

Bielski Jerzy, Buziński Józef, Cygański Mirosław, Drozd Józef, Gawlik Stanisław, Kalina Stanisław, Kossakowska-Jarosz Krystyna, Kowalska Alina, Koza Marek, Lewicka-Strzałecka Anna, Melich Alojzy, Mykita-Glensk Czesława, Pasierbiński Andrzej, Rajman Jan, Skrzypek Wiktor, Śmiełowska Maria, Szczygielski Kazimierz, Słomczyńska Otylia, Walczak Jan, Więcek Wanda, Wyderka Bogusław, Łączewski Jan

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Janusz Kroszel

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