Studia Śląskie tom 44 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 44


I. Articles

  • Wacław Korta, Economical life of Silesia in the epoch of feudalism
  • Jan Walczak, Place of working class and the lines of development of workers’ movement in Silesia in the period of capitalism
  • Henryk Borek, Germanization of Polish onomastics in Silesia
  • Janusz Gilas, The economical international justice
  • Kazimierz Rędziński, The Apostolic See and the plebiscite in Upper Silesia

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Piotr Świerc, About the state of investigations on the Silesian folk songs
  • Mirosław Cygański, The Plebiscite Committee of Łódź district and [its] campaign of assistance for the people of Upper Silesia in the years of insurrections and plebiscite (1919 – 1921)
  • Wanda Więcek, The Polish-Russian war in the light of Upper Silesian Polish press
  • Michał Lis, Patriotic education in the programme of Polish Scouts’ Association in Germany
  • Wanda Musialik, Communal elections in Silesian voivodeship in the year 1926 in the light of reports of the British mission in Poland
  • Maria Śmiełowska, Attitudes of young workers towards their social environment

III. Index of Investigations and Reviews

  • Joachim Glensk, The state of investigations and needs for further research on the history of the first section of the Union of Poles in Germany in the years 1923-1939
  • Jan Kwak (rev.), Zygmunt Boras, “The Piast princes of Silesia”
  • Krystyna Turek (rev.), Józef Majchrzak, “Polish folk song in Lower Silesia”
  • Wanda Musialik (rev.), Edward Długajczyk, The Silesian “Sanacja” regime 1926-1939. Outline of political history
  • Józef Byczkowski (rev.), Piotr Lippóczy, Tadeusz Walichnowski, “Displacement of German population from Poland after the Second World War in the light of documents”

IV. Chronicle of research work conducted by the Silesian Institute in Opole

  • Wanda Musialik,  A report on the symposium “A hundred years of Polish Labour Movement”
  • Bogdan Cimała, A report on the symposium “The sixty years of the Union of Poles in Germany”
  • Piotr Gaglik, A Report on “Opole Colloquium” 1983 (23rd-24th March 1984)
  • Krystyna Kossakowska-Jarosz, The symposium in honour of Karol Miarka
  • Halina Szymkowska-Hudec, The symposium on “Humanization of work during the economical reform”
  • Krystian Heffner, A report on the activity concerning the problem of the Odra river conducted by the Silesian Institute in the year 1983
Autorzy / Authors

Borek Henryk, Byczkowski Józef, Cimała Bogdan, Cygański Mirosław, Gaglik Piotr, Gilas Janusz, Glensk Joachim, Heffner Krystian, Korta Wacław, Kossakowska-Jarosz Krystyna, Kwak Jan, Lis Michał, Musialik Wanda, Rędziński Kazimierz, Śmiełowska Maria, Świerc Piotr, Szymkowska-Hudec Halina, Turek Krystyna, Walczak Jan, Więcek Wanda

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Rok wydania / Year of issue

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Janusz Kroszel

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