Studia Śląskie tom 29 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 29


I. Articles

  • Mieczysław Pater, Political ideas in the Catholic movement in Silesia 1848—1871
  • Aleksander Kwiatek, Insurrectional organs of jurisdiction in Upper Silesia in 1921
  • Karol Jonca, Polish underground organizations in Silesia in the opinion of the Nazi organs of justice 1940—1944
  • Stanisław Senft, The prisoners of war and foreign forced labour in Silesian agriculture  1939—1945 (working conditions, a attempt at the evaluation of the environment)
  • Władysław Jacher, The state and necessity for research into the rural sociology of Opole Silesia
  • Eryk Deszczka, Secondary education and its function in the South-Western subregion of Opole Silesia (1973/1974)
  • Czesław Kurek, The phenomenon of folk rhetoric in the environs of Opole
  • Jan Korbel, Study of reemigration from the FRG. Devotion to the real motherland

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Andrzej Larysz, Lompa’s views on language, dialect and onomastics
  • Herman Głowacki, Karol Kosicki (Koschützki) in defence of the Silesian population
  • Jolanta Kwiatek, Linguistic relations in Upper Silesia in the light of enrollment in elementary schools
  • Witold Chmielewski, The activities of the Committee of Silesian Publication attached to the Polish Academy of Learning [Science] 1933—1939

III. Bibliography

  • Wiesław Malicki, Herman Głowacki (27th Dec. 1928—28th Aug. 1975)
  • Ewa Wyglenda, Social and cultural integration in Opole region (bibliography)
Autorzy / Authors

Bulla Zygfryd, Dermin Ryszard, Gospodarek Tadeusz, Hawranek Franciszek, Kokot Józef, Korbel Jan, Kutyma Manfred, Leśnik Augustyn, Ludwik Brożek, Maciejewski Marek, Olszewski Bogusław, Pasierbiński Andrzej, Tomiczek Henryk, Więcek Horst, Żyga Stanisław

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