Studia Śląskie tom 24 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 24


  • Roman Lutman (31st July 1897—28th Jan. 1973)

I. Articles

  • Józef Kokot, Manfred Kutyma, Augustyn Leśnik, The scientific and academic establishments of Opole Silesia. Current achievements and development postulations
  • Tadeusz Gospodarek, Certain aspects of the prognosis for cultural development in Opole region up to 1990
  • Franciszek Hawranek, The struggle of the miners and metallurgical workers in Opole Silesia in 1924 for an 8-hour working day
  • Bogusław Olszewski, Socio-political aspects of the policy of economic intervention by state authorities under the Weimar Republic
  • Horst Więcek, Crucial problems of Hitler’s economic policy (1933—1945)

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Marek Maciejewski, Comments on the genesis of the NSDAP and its ideology in Opole Silesia (1925—1932)
  • Ryszard Dermin, Activities of the Katowice Committee for Cultural Assistance for Opole Silesia in the years 1932—1939
  • Henryk Tomiczek, Stanisław Żyga, Present state and future needs in research on the history of the co-operative movement in Upper Silesia in the years 1860—1971
  • Zygfryd Bulla, Investigations on the attitudes of young people in Opole region on the founding of a family and its size
  • Jan Korbel, The action for reuniting of families (1957—1958)
  • Andrzej Pasierbiński, Attitudes on national consciousness among secondary school pupils in the town of Opole
  • Ludwik Brożek, The bibliography of Roman Lutman’s main works
Autorzy / Authors

Bulla Zygfryd, Dermin Ryszard, Gospodarek Tadeusz, Hawranek Franciszek, Kokot Józef, Korbel Jan, Kutyma Manfred, Leśnik Augustyn, Ludwik Brożek, Maciejewski Marek, Olszewski Bogusław, Pasierbiński Andrzej, Tomiczek Henryk, Więcek Horst, Żyga Stanisław

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Józef Kokot

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