Studia Śląskie tom 15 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 15


  • Andrzej Brożek, The part played by the German officials in Silesia in the preparation of the memorial “Die Not der Preussischen Ostprovinzen”
  • Rudolf Buchała, The essential link between frontier stability and European safety
  • Józef Byczkowski, The fight against germanisation carried on by the people of the Evangelical church in the Mąkoszyce parish in Silesia in the 19th century
  • Jerzy Czupiał, Research on the role of the state in the initial period of industrialisation in Silesia
  • Jerzy Dietl, Rural trade under the conditions of industrialisation
  • Wacław Długoborski, The place of Silesia in Polish heavy industry in the 19th century
  • Stefan Golachowski, The spatial distribution of the social strata in relation to the national structure
  • Józef Góralczyk, Characteristics of the agricultural economy of Opole province (synthesis)
  • Alfred Hornig, The spatial distribution of the national inland waterway system
  • Zbigniew Kowalski, Fundamental problems in the organisational development of the Polish Workers’ Party in Opole Silesia in the years 1945—1946
  • Janusz Kroszel, Development and distribution policy of Polish investment in social and cultural equipment with particular reference to Opole province
  • Krzysztof Kwaśniewski, Polish patriotism of the Silesians
  • Władysław Markiewicz, Socio-psychological and political sources of the growing nationalism in the German Federal Republic
  • Bogusław Olszewski, The position of Silesia in the economic interventionism of the Weimar Republic
  • Jan Rajman, Urbanisation processes in the peripheral sectors of the Upper-Silesian Industrial Area conurbation
  • Robert Rauziński,The structure of qualified personnel cadres in South-Western Poland in the years 1956—1968
  • Bolesław Reiner, From the research on the legal position of religious minorities in the Silesian province (1922—1939)
  • Stanisław Rospond, Fort mit der polnischen Fassade (The germanisation of Silesian names in its legal aspect)
  • Dorota Simonides, The social function of Silesian folklore (on the example of folk prose)
  • Alojzy Targ, Secret social activities of the Silesian girls’ scouting movement during the occupation
  • The bibliography of the works of professor doctor Józef Kokot
Autorzy / Authors

Brożek Andrzej, Buchała Rudolf, Byczkowski Józef, Czupiał Jerzy, Dietl Jerzy, Długoborski Wacław, Golachowski Stefan, Góralczyk Józef, Hornig Alfred, Kowalski Zbigniew, Kroszel Janusz, Kwaśniewski Krzysztof, Markiewicz Władysław, Olszewski Bogusław, Rajman Jan, Rauziński Robert, Reiner Bolesław, Simonides Dorota, Stanisław Rospond, Targ Alojzy

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Andrzej Brożek, Bolesław Reiner, Janusz Kroszel, Stanisław Rospond

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