Studia Śląskie tom 13 - okładka

Silesian Studies vol. 13


  • Józef Kokot, Professor Seweryn Wysłouch
  • Karol Jonca, A sketch of professor Seweryn Wysłouch’s scientific work

I. Articles

  • Jan Wosch, Municipal land property holdings in Upper Silesia in 1782 and their origins
  • Edmund Klein, Authoritative German sources and the Upper-Silesian question in December 1918 r.)
  • Bogusław Olszewski, The theory and practice of the economic policy of the III Reich in Silesia
  • Alfred Konieczny, The extent of the employment of forcibly conscripted foreign workers and prisoners of war in the economy of Lower Silesia during the II World War
  • Jerzy Chodorowski, Problems arising from the doctrine of”Grossraumwirtschaft”

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Karol Jonca, The elimination od Polish school teachers in the districts of Zwiercie and Blachownia incorporated in Opole regency (1940 r.)
  • František Mainus, Zdeněk Konečnỳ, Addendum to the history of the prisoner-of-war camp in Łambinowice


Autorzy / Authors

Chodorowski Jerzy, Jonca Karol, Klein Edmund, Kokot Józef, Konečnỳ Zdeněk, Konieczny Alfred, Mainus František, Olszewski Bogusław, Wosch Jan

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Seweryn Wysłouch

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